Health and Science Education Center


Health & Science Education Introduction

This Center will be the premier Health & Science Education Center in the area.

Health and Science education can be very broad topics. This page will define the additional capabilities this center will present, with the assumption that MCA’s current Health and Science Education is above and beyond public school standards.

The Center will support the current health and science education through many avenues listed on this page. In addition, The Center will provide additional educational options for students and staff to pursue.

With this Center, MCA will have the best Health and Science Education Programs in the world for K – 8, and through the first few years, we will build the foudation for the MCA High School Health and Science Education Programs.

In addition, college level, post graduate and graduate programs within the Medical Health and Science areas will be established.

Health & Physical Education

Dr. Christina Just and I (Rob Just) are currently establishing the proposal for continuing the foundations of a Health and Physical Education Program at MCA that will be above and beyond the public school standards. This does not replace current curriculum, it aligns with and improves… 

The overall theme for the program is: “What Motivates You To Be Healthy?” The first priority is to support the beliefs that we are made in God’s image and that our bodies are a Temple to honor and glorify God.

Throughout the four semesters the physical education aspect instructs MCA students the basics of physical fitness, proper strength training and “in-season” sports instruction.

The Health education aligns with this instruction with a focus on three major areas of physical, health, and scientific education that will help each student understand their bodies, how to be and stay healthy and how to be physically fit now and throughout their lifetime:

1st Semester – Nutrition & Exercise Basics

2nd Semester – Exercise & Movement Education

3rd Semester – Sleep and Stress Management

At the 4th sememster, we review these major areas and asign projects to each student, helping them discover what their motivation is to be, and stay, healthy.

MCA will be a school full of physically and mentally strong students. A beaming example for the rest of the community to follow.

For more information, please view our “Virtual Classroom” @, where we currently have the 1st Semester completed and have started with the 2nd Semester.

Athletic Director

During the 2023-2024 school year, Rob Just will act as the Athletic Director and establish basic team programs for MCA and it’s students.


In-House Teams, 4-6 and 7 & 8. Establish a prescence in a local Christian athletic conference and “non conference” schedule.


Girls Club, practicing at Minnetonka High School, possible team entry into Midwest Athletic Gymnastics Association.


Girls 7 & 8 in-house club. Establish a prescence in a local Christian athletic conference and “non conference” schedule.


Boys 5 – 8th grade and Girls 5- 8th grade clubs. Establish a prescence in a local Christian athletic conference and “non conference” schedule.


Baseball spring and fall pop up camps and individual athlete’s can sign up with Minnetonak Baseball Association.


Softball spring and fall pop up camps and individual athlete’s can sign up with Minnetonka Softball Association.

Cross Country

Boys and Girls Fall Clubs. Establish a prescence in a local Christian athletic conference and/or “non conference” schedule.

Football, Hockey, Ski, Diving, Tennis and other sports not listed can join local Minnetonka area clubs, i.e.: Tonka Football Association. Minnetonka Hockey Club, etc.

Health & Science Education Program

Beginning of the 2024-2025 school year, Dr. Chrissy Just and Rob Just will hand off the Health and Phy-ed program, and the Athletic Director postion, to a suitable MCA staff member. We will work from this template and begin establishing our overall goal of hosting the best Health and Science Education (HSE) Program in the world for K-8 students. 

The HSE program will support and merge with MCA’s current Health and Science education programs utulizing the numerous talents of the professionals within the Education Center building.

The success of MCA’s HSE program will also rely on the many premium facilities within the building.

During school hours, the HSE Center’s cafeteria, lower level classrooms, labaratory, garages and event center (gym) IS FOR the MCA students and staff.

The HSE program will expand on the Health Science program that will already be established. The HSE program will enhance and expand all of MCA’s current science curriculum with classrooms, text books, technology, lab supplies, hands-on applications, instructors, medical equipment, health care patient experiences, and much more. One of the HSE program educators will be a licensed Doctor – Chrissy Just. Another educator will be a Medical Labratory Technician. We hope to have a licensed nurse on staff.

Additional space and educators within the HSE Center will be the home ec area, robotics engineering and shop space, farming biology, gymnastics coach, fitness instructor, strength trainers and much more…

Post 8 Independent Global Study Program

Post 8 Independent Global Study Program:

This program is designed to benefit students like my son, Carter Just, and the timeline is designed so the program begins in 2027. In a quick summary, this program will allow Carter to enroll in a 2nd 8th grade school year. We do have an alternative for him, where he can enroll at Minnetonka Middle School East as his 2nd 8th grade year, but would prefer to have him stay within a private school system, and we would love that school to be within our community.

The year of 2026, Carter is scheduled to finish the 8th grade. However, he is the youngest in his class, a summer born child and we do not want him to enroll in high school that following year. Instead, I have created a curriculum for students like him, called “Post 8”. This will be an attractive program for many parents, and will help increase the enrollment at MCA. Students within this perimeter have active parents who are invested in their Childs education, and because of that will typically fall on the higher end of testing. This program will attract the best and brightest in our Community, to MCA.

This Program IS The Beginning of a Competitive MCA High School:

Once Carter completes his 2nd 8th Grade, that Freshman class, the class of 2031 will be the starting class for the new MCA High School. With this building, the additional services it allows MCA to provide, and the additional staff it will attract, we can start the High School without first building a separate high school facility. And MCA will be financially prepared to be fully staffed. Go through the “Professionals and Educators on campus” summary above, again, and all of the necessary instructors have already been on campus through the various programs… With the current 4th grade class of 2031 enrollment of 11 students, assuming 10 more will enroll before their 8 grade year, and at least 5 students will enroll in the Post 8th program the prior year, that Freshman class will almost reach 30 students. Which is the starting class size MCA needs to return the MCA High School.

The curriculum for Post 8 uses all of the educational opportunities mentioned above, on a Global scale. And will also be the beginnings of the Adventist Global Student and Medical Professional Exchange Program. The Adventist Global Student and Medical Professional Exchange Program is integrated within the Post 8 Program.

For example: The Medical Program on MCA campus will exchange Carter, his classmates and some of the Medical Professionals on the MCA campus (residents and parents), with the Medical school in Uganda, Africa for 3 weeks. In exchange, the Asventis Medical school in Uganda, which also houses an Adventist k-8 school on campus, will send students from K-8, Medical school and Medical Professionals and Parents to MCA during that time.

Apply this throughout the Post 8 students school year. MCA will partner with the Adventist Medical school in Uganda, an Art and Music focused Adventist school in the Caribbean, a language arts Adventist school in a Spanish speaking Central America or Caribbean Country and a history and language arts Adventist school in, or around, the Prague area.

The Medical and Science Professionals on the MCA campus will educate Medical graduate Adventist students and K-8 students from around the globe, and use this facility as the central training and instructing campus.

The Art and Language Professionals on the MCA campus will educate graduate Adventist students from around the globe and use the MCA school building as the central training and instructing campus.

Our Post 8 students will be exchanged 2 different times throughout the school year, to destinations of their choice, within the parameters above, while working on their independent global study materials. When the students are “home”, on-campus instruction based on their chosen destinations will continue. And a summer camp retreat, at the end of the program, will be included.

Science Classes & Labs

Chemistry Lab

Biology Lab and Farm

Physics Lab and Gym

Medical Sciences and real world applications

Medical Library

Robotics Engineering, Shop Class, Home Economics

Engineering and Shop Class in the Garage and within the Event Center area.

Home Economics – From Seed to Table – Utilizes the Commercial Kitchen…

Dr Christina Just

Family Medicine

Health Teacher

Science Instructor

Medical Laboratory Technician

In-house lab



Rob Just

March 2023 Notes: