Health and Science Education Center


Distressed Living Outreach

An MCA outreach program that assists individuals and families living in a distressed environment.

The primary example of a distressed environment would be a home owner receiving a Notice of Default (NOD). This program would reach out to a homeower in default and offer care that would address their specific needs.

Other environments can include: Foreclosures, Medical Liens, Deceased and Unwanted Property, Mental and Physical Rehabilitation.

This is a Free Outreach Service that utilizes the school and church’s postition as a caretaker of our community, combined with available free Health Care services. Our Real Estate expertise originates the homeowner, assists in navigating solutions, and advises the program with best outcomes for the distressed situation. The youth and staff within MCA will play a significant role in caring for those in need, and learning from, these real world distressed environments.


Spiritual, Mental & Physical Rehabilitation

Free Clinic Care

Free Rehabilitation Services

Brings them to MCA Campus.

Temporary Living

Temporary Housing for community members who have lost their home.

Funding for temporary apartments.

Household Needs

Providing Move out and Move in needs for community members.

Rob Just

Instruction on how to navigate liens.

Real Estate Brokerage.

Mortgage Brokerage.

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