Health and Science Education Center


MCA Cafeteria

This portion of the building, along with the event center, will be financed by our initial fundraising efforts, pre-construction.

Shareholders of the entire building will form an association to operate all functions held in the Cafeteria and Event Center during out-of-school hours.

Association Board

This space, and the Event Center, will be operated by the association board. This board will be in charge of use within the entire building.

During school hours, it is assumed MCA students and staff will occupy this space and use it for school lunch and educational purposes. The association will be responsible for finding operators for this space for after-school hours.

This space will be operated by the association, split evenly within the 10 shares. So each shareholder can be on the association board and have input based on their overall share ownership.

This association board will govern the entire buildings care, maintenance, legal, leases, use, operations, etc.

School Lunch!

Real School Lunches! MCA admin will be responsible for purchasing their used share of food, serving equipment, and operating the cafeteria during school lunch hours.

We will coordinate identical menus for school-hours and after-school and weekend hours, then, base financial contributions for supplies on the amount of meals made and sold for school and outside of school hours.

MCA staff, students and parents will have the opportunity to lease and operate the cafeteria as a fundraiser for the association and the school during non-school hours and days. Building expenses set by the Association will need to be met prior to any funds being distributed to outside parties.

School lunch and after-hour menus must be healthy, with low added sugars, fruits, vegetables, healthy meats, proteins, carbs and filtered water. (Soda machines, unhealthy drinks and snacks, candy, will not be allowed unless authorized by the association board – typically during public events, when we need to make sales to support the event).

Event Rental and Use

Private event rental and use will be approved by the association board and all gross receipts will be given to the association to cover operating expenses.

MCA can use the space for after-school hours up to an agreed upon times throughout the year for free, however any sales proceeds during the event must go through the association to cover expenses first, then excess proceeds will be donated as MCA desires.

The Event Center user will have first priority of after-school hour use – which will be set at after 5:00 pm on school days. And use of the locker rooms, gym area, offices – anything not cafeteria related, can be used by the Event Center user at any time, as agreed upon by the governing association. Event Center events may supersede MCA use for after-school hours.

Event Food Sales

The association will own and stock all items to be sold at any event, unless authorized by the association board.

All gross sales from events, private rentals, after hour meals – all non-school hours, will be given to the association. Once operating costs are covered, the association will hold enough funds to pay a return to building share holders, then the association will donate funds evenly, based on gross sales during the events.

It might take 2-3 years – once the building as a whole is in the black – to redistribute event sales to say, the gymnastics club, or MCA, or the church, etc. However, each event holder, if they are a shareholder or lease holder, shouldn’t be expected to pay out of pocket for use of the space, unless the association board needs to define amount of use in a lease holder contract.

MCA Administrators

MCA administrators will be responsible for filling the Administration space in the Welcome Center, during school hours. The Health & Science Admin can work as an admin for MCA, at the beginning of the buildings opening, and we can reconvene and hire additional help when necessary.

MCA admin will be responsible for filling the Home ec/farmer/cafe educator and we would prefer if that person can also be the grounds keeper and possibly the after-school-hours cafe manager.

The Garage and Rear Vestibule

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Locker Rooms and Bathrooms

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Lower Level Classrooms

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Weight Room

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Upper Level Office Area

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Lower Level Lounge Area

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March 2023 Notes: