Health and Science Education Center


Family Health Care Center

Private Family Medicine Clinic

School Doctor and Nurse Clinic

Medical, Health and Science Education Instructors

Medical Labaratory for Science Education

2 Multi Use “Classrooms” for MCA and Community Center Use

1 Athletic Training “Classroom” for MCA and Community Center Use

Rehabilitation, Strength and Fitness Education, Instruction and Service Using the Event Center

Practice Insurance & Liability

Practitioner Liability

Clinic for General Practice? 

Unemployment Ins.


Insurance Payers Contracts

Insurance Payers Contracts

Negotiator for contracts

Hospital Associations

Methodist, HCMC, North

Specialists Groups



Medical Laboratory

Medical Lab Technician (Rob Just)

Lab equipment, station, tools, supplies.

Stock items: Syringe, sample containers, band aids, sponges, etc. 

Off-site difficult lab partner (see hospital partnerships?)

Insurance, Liability, License, Tech in training.

The most efficient option is for Rob to graduate from Rassmussen with a Medical Lab Associations Degree and we would start our own Medical Laboratory. (A $28,000, 18 month program). This way the lead tech (Rob) is reliable and will gain great knowledge by (re) taking science / intro medical classes as an adult, which will help with our Science Education Programs. We will find a reliable assistant as soon as financially possible.

Electronic Record Software


Our lead physician, Chrissy, and our hopefull assistant nurse, are well versed with this system and it can handle all necessary practice neeeds: Billing, Patient Accounts, etc. Price is based on number of physicians, @ $3,500 per year. 

Licensing & CME

Licensing: Dr., DEA, Nurse?,

Equipment and Rental



Exam Rooms


Website, Server, Backup System, Computers, Security


MCA – Dr on site and nurse to teach and support staff, coach, Fire with Jack, home ec/farm/shop teacher.

Residency – U of M student interested in private practice. Then, resident with the same.

High School – Laboratory


Volunteer / Free Care




Personal Health Insurance


Health Savings

February 2023 Notes:


Medicare Cuts and Private Practices outlook:

  • Reimbursement Struggles
  • 2% cut in Medicare
  • “PCPs (primary care physicians) are being asked to take on greater risk and invest in and spend more time on care management planning, all in an increasingly complex health ecosystem,” says Bales. “To manage this risk, physicians will need to leverage new technology. In addition, PCPs are seeing either larger networks, systems or new businesses pull demand for higher reimbursement services, and they will likely continue to feel that pressure.”


Top Administrative Challenges: