Health and Science Education Center


Event Center

The Event Center will be the best Ameteur Gymnastics and Youth Events building in the area. State of the art equipment, technology, uses and more will attract high level club teams and many local events. 

The Association will manage usage and operation. During school hours MCA has priority use of this area, however much of the equipment will be off limits. The local gymnastics club will have after school hours (3 pm) and weekend use priority, as they will be the main income generator and the program coach will be the main operator for the association. 

Multiple Users Within the Building and Uses By MCA and The Community:

Rehabilitation and Strength Training

Health Care User

Gymnastics Center

MCA Clubs and Local Club and Event Hosting

Event Center Rental

MCA, Church, Club and Community Use Rental

Baseball & Golf Cage

Community Center Club Use

Fitness and Strength Classes

Community Center Club Use

Basketball Stadium

MCA and Community Youth Use

March 2023 Notes: